Our Services

The life cycle of leased aircraft is a diverse and complex process with high levels of exposure. In order to optimize risk/revenue ratios and to mitigate damages, parties seek professional assistance in the day-to-day management of their assets.

We manage aircraft on behalf of third parties, act as marketing agent for aircraft owners and provide supporting services complementary to the core business of our clients in the areas of Marketing-, Lease Management- and Technical services.

To fulfill our commitment we have developed a range of management services which are offered on an integral "turn-key" or modular basis which enables the client to select the services best suited to his needs. The expertise gained hereunder, as well as from managing our own portfolio, will ensure a high level performance.



We provide assistance to our clients to achieve optimum results from aircraft transactions, based on extensive product and market knowledge. Our services range from sourcing, trading and remarketing of aircraft includes contract negotiation & execution and contractual pre- and final delivery assistance.

Our main focus is the regional and narrow-body aircraft segment and covers new and secondhand "in production aircraft" as well as "out of production" and "out of manufacturer" aircraft.

In-house support for market studies, performance analyses, technical- and maintenance status analyses or aircraft comparison is available and can be used to position favorably compared to its competitors.

Lease Management

Over 20 years we have been managing portfolios of regional aircraft as diverse and complicated as the problems associated with them. We offer our services to parties (e.g. banks, investors) that own or finance aircraft, who wish to outsource the day-to-day management of a leased fleet or seek the practical know-how and support from a professional aircraft leasing company.

As experience in aircraft leasing evolves, contractual stipulations to protect the owner's interest have increased significantly.

However, enforcement of contractual rights appears often to be costly and a time consuming affair without guarantee of success. As a result, the economics of an aircraft lease transaction often deteriorates due to nonperformance by the operator.

Our Lease Management services have been developed to relieve our client of the ongoing burden of day-to-day management.



The perceived economical benefits of a lease transaction are often outweighed by costly surprises due to non-compliance by the lessee during the lease term or ambiguous wording in the lease agreement in respect to the aircraft return conditions.
Our menu of Technical Services is designed to ensure a continuous management and control of the technical status of an aircraft, which is essential to protect the asset value and ensure the continued integrity of an aircraft in which our client has a financial interest.

Our Technical Managers have broad experience and expertise in managing regional and narrow-body aircraft as well as aircraft of the Boeing and Airbus family.
Aviomar technical services cover, amongst other, aircraft deliveries and –redeliveries, aircraft and engine valuations / inspections, company audits and aircraft transfer and storage monitoring. Through its technical advice and assistance, Aviomar contributes to minimizing the lessor's / owner's exposure to the inherent risk involved in owning and operating aircraft.