Aircraft information

The Fokker 50, Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 product line is tailored to economically serve the demands of the short the medium range market. Buying or leasing a high quality Fokker aircraft at the right price is just one way of ensuring low operating costs and high reliability. Equally importance is the genuine commitment is to provide product support, which is available on a worldwide basis and provided by OEM's and other suppliers.

Fokker Services has developed the "FLYFokker" program. This new innovative life cycle program consists of cost effective aircraft and service solutions for start-up operators (module "Take-off"), mature operators (module "Take Care") and phase-out operators (modules "Take Over and Take Next").

The strategy of Fokker Services is to serve a portfolio of platforms which integral service for out of production aircraft. This includes that Fokker Services as Type Certificate Holder for Fokker Aircraft, guarantees to provide support beyond 2030 for continued competitive operation of the Fokker fleet.